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It is no secret that Phoenix has brutal summers with temperatures getting over 100 degrees. Most home and business owners rely on their systems on a daily basis, running them constantly. This type of wear and tear can cause even the highest quality air conditioner to require some maintenance or repairs. At The Twin Home Experts, our Phoenix air conditioner technicians can provide you with repairs whenever you need them. We are experts at getting to the bottom of AC problems quickly and efficiently.

Signs that Your AC Is in Trouble

Many of our customers wait until it is too late to call for the help of a trained technician, such as when your AC has broken down completely. Although we can and will help you in this situation, it is not the ideal time to hire a professional. Instead, we take the time to educate our customers on the smaller signs to look out for which indicate that your AC is in trouble.

A few signs that your AC needs professional help include:

  • Your AC is not cooling your property evenly or at all.
  • Your AC is making strange noises or leaking.
  • Your AC keeps turning off or won't turn on.
  • Your utility bills are suddenly higher than usual.

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Call us when you first notice a problem with your system. With hundreds of years of combined experience in the industry and 35 years serving customers in the area, we have a solution for you. We understand the importance of keeping your property comfortable, whether it is for your family or for your employees and customers.

To schedule Phoenix AC repair services, contact us now at (480) 725-6311.

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