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Hidden away within your attic or behind the walls, your ducts are a key component of your HVAC system which must be properly maintained. At The Twin Home Experts, our Phoenix duct repair technicians have decades of experience and 35 years in business providing repair and replacement services to customers in the area. Whether you need to have a small section of your ducts sealed or the entire ducts need to be replaced, we are here to help improve the efficiency of your HVAC system.

Common Problems Caused by Leaky Ducts

Poorly installed ducts, dirty ducts, and wear and tear over time can lead to major issues with your HVAC system. Even the smallest leaks can impact your system's ability to run and require professional repairs to resolve.

A few problems caused by leaky ducts include:

  • Leaky ducts can pull in contaminants, dust, or dirt which clog your filter and impact indoor air quality.
  • Leaky ducts allow air to escape between the floors and walls, causing higher heating and cooling bills.
  • Leaky ducts cause a strain on your HVAC system, leading to the possible failure of your equipment.

When Should Air Ducts be Replaced?

If you are having consistent problems with your HVAC system or issues with your indoor air quality, air duct cleaning may not be a sufficient solution. While a thorough cleaning can help resolve some problems, it is often not enough. Our Phoenix HVAC specialists are trained to help educate you on your options and ensure you have enough information to evaluate them. We want to make sure you can choose the appropriate solution for your budget and needs.

We will likely recommend replacement and not just a cleaning if you have recently had your ducts cleaned but are still experiencing problems. If we have found mold within your ducts, significant damage, poor installation, or poorly designed ducts, we can install a new duct system which will be better suited to your home or business.

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